In August, residents will move into Knoxville’s BIGGEST option for student housing. Once bedrooms and living rooms are set up, residents will have to answer a major question. What to do with the bonus room?

Our bonus rooms are huge, and residents have countless options for what to put in them. So, we have put together four options for your bonus room

Theater Room

Who doesn’t want a theater room? Put your extra TV here and a couple of couches. You can even find a popcorn maker pretty cheap. Recreate the feel of a movie theater and invite your friends over to binge watch Game of Thrones or the Redbox movie of the week.

Game Room

Video games? Pool? Foosball? Do them all. Our bonus rooms are HUGE. Set up a TV for video games, and you will still have plenty of room for a foosball table. Maybe you like to play pool. Maybe you want all three.

The bonus room is the perfect place to set up your perfect hangout spot. Consider all your options and go after whatever layout you want.

Party Room

The best thing about having a party is having people over, but the worst part of having a party is also having people over. Lock up your bedrooms and send guests to the half-bath off the living room. Use your huge bonus room to host your guests.

You won’t have to worry about anything in the living room getting broken or not having enough space. Set up snacks and drinks down stairs and have a worry-free party.

Second Living Room

Maybe you just need space away from your roomies. You might not be much of a partier or gamer. No problem. Set up an extra living room downstairs to watch your favorite show or hang out with your friends.

All you need is a couch, a couple of chairs, and a TV. You can use the bonus room for some “me time” and leave the living room for your roomies.

If you haven’t decided what to do with your bonus room yet, there is still plenty of time. Weigh your options, and have fun with it.