With nine out of thirteen of the buildings at Knox Ridge standing, the excitement for Knoxville’s BIGGEST student living option is tangible.

In January, co-owner of Knox Ridge, Kelly Mahoney, described the project as, “one big continuous effort,” saying that construction is happening all over the property to ensure all needs are being met for timely completion.

There are so many contractors working on so many different projects that you can see maybe 100 people working on the site on any given day. These projects range from carpentry to electrical to roofing and framing.

DSCF4517 DSCF4518

In February we are seeing more of the same projects progressing and taking shape as crews work continuously to ensure that Knox Ridge will be finished by August.

Daily you can see new walls being raised by cranes, and crews spread across the property working on multiple projects. Everything is coming together at the site, and we are hoping to give tours on-site as soon as there are no more health and safety concerns.


From newly placed shingles to newly framed top floors, progress at Knox Ridge is exploding. Doors and patio slabs are popping up, and windows have been framed out, waiting for installation at a later date.

The buildings have been given a sturdy foundation, and concrete walls mark the outside of the townhomes for added stability.

While on-site, we learned that two more buildings will pop up over the next month or two once crews have finished moving a mound of earth out of the property.

Once the mound of earth is gone, the townhouses will pop up quickly with the same lightning pace as the other buildings on the property.

DSCF4521 IMG_4739

Once the rest of the townhomes are standing, we can expect crews to move toward the community areas like the lazy river and 30+ person hot tub as well as the clubhouse.

Toward the end of the project, crews will be finishing the interiors, which moves very quickly as that work is mostly paint, flooring, or appliance related. As of now, most of the heavy lifting is done.

While we cannot yet take students on-site, students are encouraged to stop by our office at 2453 University Commons way for a virtual tour.

Sign your lease today if you haven’t already, and live BIG with us in August!