The crews working on Knoxville’s BIGGEST student living option for 2016 have reached another construction milestone.

The walls at Knox Ridge are going up!

DSCF4448 DSCF4451

“We started building some of the units, numbers one and two and seven through ten,” Kelly Mahoney, one of the owners of the project said.

Installing the plumbing and running lines for electric has been completed, and construction is moving even closer to completion.

DSCF4462 DSCF4472

Of the progress so far and what’s coming next, Mahoney said, “We’ve started going vertical.”

By that he means filling in the concrete blocks that insulate the houses. Boards and nails are starting to become part of the landscape of the jobsite, and seeing the bottom row of the property starting to fill out is amazing.

The bottom row will be houses with patios and yard space. Crews have even framed in the doors to the patios on some houses.

Further up the mountain, the five bedroom units are starting to take shape. These will not have a patio but will have more of a view and be closer to the clubhouse and shuttle area.

Hitting major milestones

Plumbing and Electrical are major milestones in the construction process. Knox Ridge is using low-flow plumbing and contemporary lighting to ensure that residents aren’t worrying about inefficiency when they pay their utility bills.

Having the utility work laid out, Knox Ridge has reached the milestone of framing walls. It’s undeniably exciting to see so many townhouses going up as the semester comes to a close.

From standing inside what will soon be finished townhomes, it’s easy to see the different parts of the project coming together. Seeing some of the doors framed in and the slabs for the patios only adds to the visual representation of progress.

Each townhouse is sitting on a sturdy foundation, one of the first milestones of construction, and will house four-five students.

At the top of the mountain, you can see where the clubhouse, hot tub, and lazy river will be. This space is very open, and you can see all of the property sprawled out below you from this height.

Crews are also finishing up retaining walls for the rest of the five bedroom units, and most of the stubborn rocks on the mountain have been removed.

The work will continue over the holiday break and through the next semester as crews bring their all toward completing your new home for 2016.